• Succeeding at your goals becomes that much easier simply by using a South Pacific Personal Trainer
  • Avoid 'down' days by having the extra accountability only a Personal Trainer can provide
  • All of our Trainers have obtained recognised certification from professional bodies

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Personal Training

South Pacific Health Clubs Personal Trainers offer a first class professional service.

Our Trainers have obtained recognised certification from professional bodies regarding exercise prescription, functional anatomy, fitness testing and training principles and are all registered with Fitness Australia.

Whether you are training for a sport, a challenging outdoor activity or aiming to reach a special goal, the time spent with your personal trainer will provide you with a game plan for success.

Save time by having a thorough workout pre planned by your trainer and on those "flat" tiresome days, your personal trainer will be there to push and motivate you.


How much Personal training do I need?

The frequency of PT depends on you and your goals. Whatever your training needs, your Personal Trainer can provide the guidance, motivation and knowledge to help you achieve your results.


Results start when you do!

Meet the Trainers

Teena Kyriazis

I know what it feels like to be overweight, to look in the mirror every morning and see something you don't like. After losing a total of 20kg personally there is nothing more satisfying than being able to help people get results as fast as possible; I'll do anything and everything I can to help you achieve your results.

I make sure that I learn from the best in the business and am currently being mentored by Kate Martin who is always constantly learning new things herself. Call me for a complimentary session today.

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time!"

Vincent Noetzel

-Boxing, martial arts & self defence
-High intensity interval training
-Functional strength development
-Fast and healthy weight loss

My favourite part of being a Personal Trainer is helping people realise what their body is capable of. As a firm believer that a healthy lifestyle is achievable for everyone I am here to help maximise your health, strength and fitness for every aspect of life.

Train with me and you will receive my support and motivation, alongside all of my experience and technical expertise in martial arts, high intensity, circuit and weight training to not only achieve your expectations and goals, but exceed far beyond them.

So if you want a creative, enjoyable and challenging gym experience or want to make a positive life change, contact me for a complimentary Training Session today!

Lasantha Samarakoon

-Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach
-Specialist Exercise Guide For Children & Adolescents
-Elite Athlete Strength, Conditioning, Nutrition & Weight Management

-Strength And Conditioning
-Sports Specific Training
-Healthy Fat Loss & Muscle Gain
-High Intensity Circuit Training
-Kettlebell Training
-Class Instructing Including: Aerobics, Pilates And Yoga
-Suspension Training (TRX)

I have 14 years experience in the fitness industry and have worked with a broad range of people. I thoroughly enjoy helping my clients to lose weight and improve their overall health through physical activity. I enjoy working in injury prevention & rehabilitation and am a firm believer in exercise as medicine. I am ex-navy & well trained in improving the physical and mental capacity of others. The human body is an amazing mechanism, I love to train people beyond their limits to get maximum results! So whether you’re interested in building more muscle or improving your flexibility, I’ve got the experience and wisdom to help you get there as quickly as possible. Ask me for a complimentary session today!

Ameli Fong

-Strength Training
-Body Composition Manipulation - Weight Loss/muscle Gain
-Nutrition Consultation
-Powerlifting Specific Programming
-Form Correction Of Compound Lifts For Injury Prevention

As a competitive powerlifter and advocate for strength, I believe that results come from intelligent training and the desire to improve oneself. I emphasize a holistic approach that covers not only what we do in the gym, but our habits and mindset that determine how and when we reach our goals.

Richard Bottomer

- Strength And Conditioning
- Injury Prevention
- Rehab
- Athletic Development And Performance
- Fat Loss
- Periodised Programming
- Weight Loss

- Bachelor Sport Development
- Cert 3 In Nutrition
- Cert 3 In Allied Health
- Masters In Exercise Science (Strength & Conditioning)

I’ve studied and researched exercise science for over 4 and a half years so that you don’t have to! I utilise proven exercise science principles to develop training programs to meet the needs of each individual client to ensure they achieve their exercise, fitness and performance goals in the most enjoyable and efficient way. Come say hi when you see me around the gym and book in for a complimentary PT session to see how I can help you improve your performance and reach your goals quicker.

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